How Often Should You Be Using the Emotional Freedom Technique?

We all have specific times that we do specific things. We have specific times and days that we work, specific times or days that we do laundry, specific times for appointments, specific times to eat, and specific times set aside for exercise. You may even schedule time for meditation, but how often should you be using the Emotional Freedom Technique?In reality, the Emotional Freedom Technique is not something that you actually schedule time for. Instead, it is something that you do as often as possible. You can do EFT while working, exercising, cleaning your home, driving down the road, and before you go to sleep. EFT should just become a natural part of your daily life, but there really does not need to be any scheduling involved.If you actually schedule EFT, you are essentially stating to yourself and others that this is the only time or times that you will think positive thoughts, or speak positive words, and that all other times your thoughts and words may or may not be positive. This is the wrong way to go about effectively using the Emotional Freedom Technique.Experts agree, however, that while you should be using EFT as often as possible, it is the most effective if used immediately before going to sleep, as this gives your subconscious mind the greatest amount of time to absorb the positive affirmations – without any other influence coming into play.With that said, you should consciously use EFT tapping and affirmations when you wake up, during breaks, during lunch, in spare uninterrupted moments during the day or evening, and again, before you go to bed. While most things should be done in moderation, EFT is not one of them. In fact, the more often you use EFT in your life, the better the results will be – and the faster you will obtain those results.In the end, if you don’t schedule time to breathe, you don’t need to schedule time for EFT. The Emotional Freedom Techniques that you learn should become a natural part of who you are, how you view your surroundings, and how you respond to the words and influences around you. The objective of the Emotional Freedom Technique is to turn all negativity into positivity, and this requires you to use the technique as often as you possibly can.With that said, however, some people do set aside time for more intense practice of the Emotional Freedom Technique – especially if they use tapping techniques as well. In some instances, using tapping techniques isn’t quite possible, if they are to be effective. For this, you should schedule at least three sessions per day – morning, noon, and night.

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